5 Secrets for a successful sale!

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It’s the month of shamrocks, leprechauns, and Irish blessings, and while some are worried about getting pinched, you’ve got other things on your mind — like how you’re going to get your home listed and sold fast.

In honour to Saint Patrick (and so you can kick luck to the curb), I’ve got 5 secrets I can’t wait to spill — secrets that’ll hand you a successful sale, and quite possibly, your very own pot of gold.

 Secret #1: It’s your kitchen that’ll sell your home.

While buyers want the right bed and bath count to meet their needs, years of experience tell me it’s your KITCHEN that’ll sell your home.

As you get your home ready for the market, every minute (and dollar!) you spend prepping your kitchen to look its best will give you a high ROI.

At a minimum, clean, declutter, and clear off those counter tops for every showing (save a vase of fresh flower).

Wanna do a little more? Update cabinet hardware, replace the faucet and sink, install a backsplash, or splurge on new light fixtures.

Secret #2: Declutter, depersonalise, and stage your home.

Buyers must be able to picture themselves living in YOUR home. Give ’em a chance to do just that by decluttering, depersonalizing, and staging your home:

• Declutter: Picture your home as a vacation rental. If you wouldn’t see it out in a rental, you shouldn’t see it out during a showing.

• Depersonalize: A few modest photos here and there is fine, but pack away the excess, take down oversized monograms, and remove wall letters from the kids’ rooms.

• Stage: If you’re using the dining room as a craft area or home office, reset it as a space to dine. Also, get rid of unnecessary furniture to make your living room feel airy and spacious. Staging doesn’t have to be costly or complicated — it simply helps buyers make sense of your home and see its potential. When it comes to getting your home ready for the market, less is ALWAYS more

Secret #3: Don’t go overboard on upgrades.

It’s a mistake I’ve seen too many times.

In an effort to get top dollar for their home, well-intentioned sellers take on major renovations without consulting a realtor first. Misinformed and assuming they’ll get every dollar back (and then some!), they go overboard on upgrades only to be disappointed at the closing table.

And while there are upgrades worth doing prior to selling, they’re often quick fixes, not major renovations.

If you’re thinking about selling soon, reach out to a realtor who knows your neighbourhood and can give you data on the upgrades that matter most to buyers in your area.

Secret #4: Find out what your home is worth, then shave 15-20% off the price to *hopefully* spark a bidding war.

Sound scary? That’s okay — I’m here to walk you through every step. Here’s why I love this pricing strategy:

• Pricing your home just below market value instantly gets buyers’ attention and motivates them to schedule a showing ASAP.

• Once buyers see your home (and LOVE it), they’re more likely to put in an offer if they feel like they’re getting a deal.

• When they realize there are other offers on the table, buyers tend to get competitive and are willing to increase their bid to land the home they want.

With interest rates at historic lows and a lower than normal inventory, if you’re looking to sell, you’ll 100% be in the driver’s seat.

Secret #5: Work with the right agent.

The easiest way to hire the RIGHT agent? Knowing when they’re the WRONG agent. Here are few warning signs:

• They have few references.

• They aren’t familiar with your neighbourhood.

• They are new to town.

• They are hard to reach by phone, email, or text.

• They pressure you to make decisions before you feel ready.

There are a ton of AMAZING agents out there. So don’t settle! Keep looking and asking around until you find an agent you “click” with — getting a successful sale (and maybe that pot o’ gold!) depends on it.

Hope you find this 5 secrets useful for you and your friends or family. If you are thinking of selling a property in East Algarve, please call to get a free valuation, advice and real estate consulting. I sure I have good info for you and together we will get a great deal for everybody!


Artur Cruz

Author: Artur Cruz

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