Are you Selling a property in Tavira?

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Are you thing of selling a property in Tavira?

Artur Cruz Real Estate Agent in Tavira

How’s, Artur Cruz, going to help you on the sell on your property in Tavira or East Algarve? 
  1. Schedule a view to your property in order to get info for the valuation;
  2. Review all the papers from the property in order to prepare the sell;
  3.  Free study and analysis of the market in the area in order to determine the best price to sell your property.
  4. Update of all the documents from the property;
  5. Elaboration of the Energetic Certification;
  6. Elaboration of a “customized” marketing plan to promote your property;
  7. Prepare all the documents to support the sell;
  8. Best “Online”  & “Social Media” marketing Plan;
  9. Photo- shot to your property and later edition of the photos with professional software;
  10. Share commission with other agencies that have buyer for the property;
  11. Reports with new offers on the market, with the actions made to promote your property and reports from the clients;
  12. Regular comunication (phone or email) with the owner in order to inform what’s happening with the promotion and market;

If you are thinking of selling your property in Tavira, please demand the best service and real estate agent to promote your property! Talk with Artur Cruz

For more info please contact me by email or phone in order to schedule a meeting or viewing to your property.


Artur Cruz

Author: Artur Cruz

I’m a real estate agent several times awarded in my career, “Centurion Producer”, “Hall of Fame”, real estate agent also awarded in Las Vegas, USA at one of the biggest and more important real estate conventions in the world. East Algarve “Top Producer” in real estate.

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