Things that make a home unsellable, according to real-estate agents

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“Business Insider” asked real-estate agents around the country about what it’s really like working in the industry, what they wish they could tell their clients, and if there are any factors that can make a home “unsellable.”

Some said anything could sell at the right price. But several said that an undesirable location, a death on the property, and bad odors — particularly from cats — were some of the things that could make a home virtually impossible to sell.


The first factors that may influence the success and sale of your property are:

  • Location
  • Price

The third factor that can influence and devalue the price and sale of your property may be the odors or smells of your home.


Several agents quote and report that bad odors are a real problem and a common reason for a house not to be sold.

Sewage odors because the house is closed and without water are a problem, because they can give the idea to the buyer that there are plumbing problems which in the buyer’s head can be translated into a lot of works, costs and money to spend in the property.

A kitchen with smells also doesn´t help. No one wants to visit a property with a dirty kitchen and with old and smelly cheese and butter in the fridge! Animal smells are also detrimental to the success of the sale and difficult to eliminate or disappear.

Moisture or mold smells are also difficult to eliminate and can lead a buyer to give up altogether. The smell of tobacco can also be a problem, in addition to leaving the walls yellowish. It is often common the owner paints the whole property inside to eliminate these smells…

The issue of smells and odors is very important, that’s way so many real estate agents, or even owners, usually visit the property a few times to open all the windows and “air” the house a little to get fresh and renewed air, or even spray with air fresheners or put candles.

Despite these points the issue of smell in most cases is temporary and with time eventually disappears. Obviously, if the seller wants to conduct and realize a deal and sell at the best price will have to consider these factors…


to be continued…

By Artur Cruz

Author: Artur Cruz

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